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About Us…..Or Rather About our Fishing Flies.

At Salar Flies we aim to provide not only one of the most dynamic ranges of Salmon, Steelhead flies & Sea Trout Flies available anywhere but also the highest quality Salmon Steelhead and Sea Trout flies on the market. We can do this because we obtain all our flies directly from one source - Shadow Flies; manufacturer of what we believe to be without question the best commercially tied Atlantic Salmon fishing flies in the world. The flies are some of the most modern and creative patterns available. The patterns are inspired and influenced by international experts from Russia, Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Canada. The flies have been tried, tested and refined on the most prestigious Salmon & Steelhead Rivers. Many of the claims above can be made by any number of fly tiers or retailers.

Where our flies differ is in the exhaustive attention to detail that takes place during every stage of the tying process. Our flies originally came to prominence in Iceland where you will find more anglers fishing with them than those produced by any other manufacturer. The crystal clear Icelandic salmon rivers demand smaller and more intricate flies than are typically used in other countries. This inspired an exceptional attention to detail that is the trademark of each and every one of our flies. Our flies are tied on a range of the best and sharpest hooks available from reputable manufacturers such as Partridge, Daiichi, Mustad, Owner and VMC.

All our natural furs and feathers are hand dyed to ensure absolute consistency. During the tying process the flies are lovingly constructed step by step; secured, tied off and glued at every stage to ensure that they are as robust as is physically possible within the constraints of the materials they are made from. Finally they are finished off with heads that are faultless. The finished product is a fly so beautifully tied that you will be reluctant to use it. Regardless, they will invariably be the first to ‘select’ themselves as you contemplate your options on the riverbank. The quality of construction in both materials and hooks will ensure that they outlast equivalent designs tied elsewhere. These may sound like bold and audacious claims however we are so confident in our product that we will happily refund or replace your flies if they do not live up to your expectations. We are entirely confident that you will not be disappointed.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team

Richard Scrope

Richard is in charge of the day to day running of Salar Flies. He used to work for one of the leading sporting travel companies, his work for this company sent him around the world putting our products to the test.  Richard is also a property buying agent for JMChase.

Justin Maxwell-Stuart

Justin owns Salar Flies along with the manufacturing company Shadow Flies. Justin also runs WhereWiseMenFish and has extensive knowledge on numerous global fishing locations.