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Norwegian Rivers are typically ‘Big Fish’ rivers. The Alta, Gaula, Namsen, and Orkla are amongst the best. Strong hooks are a pre-requisite regardless of the time of the year you visit.

Salmon Flies for Norway - What to Take

Early Season June Weeks – Follow the locals advice and fish flies as big as you can get. 2 – 3 inch Templedog tubes with a wing in the 12-15 cm length are designed for the job. Fish slow and deep and be prepared to loose some flies along the way to get to where the fish are lying.

Late June-Mid July Weeks – Greater numbers of grilse will be in the river but do not allow it to cloud your judgment as to your choice of hook. Strong Partridge, Salar & Loop hooks remain vital. Sunray shadows, riffle hitched flies, dry flies and nymphs should all be considered.

Summer Floods – Rain in large quantities can happen at any stage of the season but when they do expect the typically emerald coloured water to colour up. Ensure a good stock of bright Templedog style flies that move water and are very visible.

End Of Season August Weeks – Conditions can be difficult to predict however medium bodied tubes to compensate for the colder conditions and higher water are appropriate. Substitute flies with yellow and green for black orange and red to match the autumnal conditions.