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Argentina Seatrout Flies

Argentinean Sea Trout Flies, suitable for fishing in Tierra del Fuego on the Rio Grande or in Patagonia on the Rio Gallegosare unique to that area. A good number of the Sea Trout flies have their origins in nymph style fly patterns although Atlantic Salmon flies can also be used. Argentine Sea Trout are big and aggressive and the use of rubber legs on almost any Sea Trout fly seems to add a huge level of desirability. What is undeniable is that the Sea Trout of Argentina have tastes that are wide and varied and do not follow standard Sea Trout protocol as advocated by Hugh Falkus.

Rubber Legs are IN, big dark flies are a must for dusk and in low water and bright conditions small and subtle nymphs are essential. Yuk Bugs, Girdle Bug, Wooly Buggers, Vitamin B, D & G variants work alongside Sunray Shadows, Snaeldas and Muddler Minnows. In short you will need a selection of flies that do not resemble anything you would normally find in a standard fishing shop.