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By Destination

Salar Flies - Recommended Destination Fishing Fly Collections

Salar Flies has put together selections of appropriate salmon, steelhead and trout patterns from our stocks that are likely to be suitable as generic patterns for the countries and locations that we cover. As with any fishing location there are an infinite amount of variations between one river or lake and another however our selections should ensure that you arrive for your holiday prepared with the essentials.

Salar Flies in partnership with WhereWiseMenFish has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of rivers around the world. We can gladly put together a bespoke collection of flies for you in advance of your fishing trip. Please contact us at info@salarflies.comand just let us know where and when you are going and we will put together a ‘killer’ collection for your fishing holiday.

United Kingdom/Scotland:

British rivers were the birthplace of ‘sport’ fishing with an artificial fly for Atlantic Salmon and saw the creation of some of the most detailed and intricate patterns imaginable. Modern salmon patterns for the British Isles are an amalgamation of traditional and modern designs influenced by tiers from home and abroad. Do not be afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary. Hitched or micro flies have as much a place during the low-water summer months as they do in Iceland.


Our Russian collections are primarily based around the rivers of the Northern Kola Peninsula such as the Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda, Kola, Yokanga and Varzina where large fish and tough conditions require flies tied on very strong Partridge & Loop hooks. This is not a pre-requisite for the Ponoi, Varzuga, Kitza or Umba rivers however many of the patterns are similar.


Norwegian Rivers are typically ‘Big Fish’ rivers. Although Norway may not be as prolific as some other destinations they make up for this in the size of the Salmon and strong hooks are a pre-requisite regardless of the time of the year you visit. During the spring weeks of early June large flies are the order of the day and our collection of Temple Dog salmon flies in particular are unbeatable.


Iceland is one of the most prolific Atlantic Salmon countries anglers fishing in Iceland need to come prepared for the crystal clear water conditions. Micro salmon flies tied on tiny trebles and tubes as well as extensive use of hitched tubes are essential. Salar Flies has extensive collections of the best Icelandic fly patterns you will find.

British Columbia:

British Columbia is the home of a great many of the world’s most ardent anglers, and with good reason. The fishing for pacific salmon is exceptional but maybe more significantly it is Steelhead that attract the greatest devotees, and this has led to the development of not only some very original and distinct Steelhead fly patterns.

Our selection of Steelhead flies will turn the eye of even the most experienced Steelhead guides and anglers. For more information on the fishing and the wonderful angling opportunities in British Columbia you can obtain information and advice from WhereWiseMenFish


Like many countries Irish salmon flies have developed in their own special way and families of patterns such as the Irish Shrimp Flies are the ‘ghillies choice’. For 2011 Salar Flies will have a comprehensive range or Irish patterns.

Find out more about Destination Fishing Locations with WhereWiseMenFish.

Eastern Canada

Overlooked to an extent by European anglers the Atlantic Salmon fishing in Eastern Canada offers some of the most exciting, wild and beautiful rivers of any of the Salmon producing countries. Returns over the 2010 and 2011 seasons have been exceptional across almost all the rivers and future prospects look equally promising. Single and double hooked flies only and make sure that you are armed with plenty of salmon Dry Flies as this is where it all started.

WhereWiseMenFish has extensive information on the great migratory fish rivers around the world. For any destination fishing information please contact justin@wherewisemenfish.com. Useful links are shown below: